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Fans rejoice
Presenting the despecialized version of the original star wars trilogy!

These blu rays are the ORIGINAL, unaltered versions of the first Star Wars trilogy, presented in its original 2:35.1 aspect ratio, and HD quality. No added CGI, no Hayden Christensen, and Han will shoot ONLY.

Star Wars Despecialized Version 2.7
Empire Strikes Back Despecialized Version 2.0
Return of the Jedi Despecialized version 2.5

All discs come with artwork printed on the disc itself-- no cheap stickers here. This set is Region 0 and will play on all blu ray players around the world. (including XBox and Playstation.)
NOTE: All Despecialized discs are free. You are paying for materials used; as well as the time and effort spent for downloading, burning, and printing

FREE shipping to U.S.

International orders please add additional $10 for shipping

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